Password manager for a small team

Hello all,

I need some advice, have a small five person group right now that needs a password manager, they are cross platform, and the group will probably expand to 12-15 by the end of the year. I am not that concerned about a subscription, just want a manager that is easy to manage from a top level. Personally I use 1Password, but have never shared or tried it with a group.

Any thoughts are very much appreciated.


I think you already have your answer. With 1Password’s most recent changes, family and work-group sharing is what it is designed for.


1Password Business should do the trick for you.

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Definitely try 1PW with a group. We migrated from a single user to individual team accounts last year (similarly sized work group) and the experience was smooth. Rather than start with Business tier, I would start with the Teams ten-pack and see if you need to grow into the business features or will just need to add 1-5 accounts on top of the initial ten as you grow.

P.S. Don’t turn on the have-I-been-pwned domain-level alerts unless you enjoy bearing the curse of knowledge.

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1Password is definitely a great experience for individual and shared use, but if you’re budget conscious, there’s always Keepass. We use it at work among our team, with the password ‘database’ stored on a Network share in a restricted permission folder, and we use SSH keys to authenticate to it. It’s not pretty, but it works.

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+1 for 1Passwords for Teams

1Password for Teams is pretty sweet. We use it at Relay and I can manage who has access to what, etc. And my personal vault can live right beside my company ones.

Thank you all for the help, 1Password teams did tick all the boxes. For $20 a month for up to ten users it is perfect for our needs.

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