Password Manager for Android + Mac

I’m sure this topic has been discussed at length, but I’m curious if anyone has any suggestions for a password manager that is not 1Password that is

  • 1 time license
  • Native Mac app
  • Has an Android app that can sync with the database stored in Dropbox

It would be even better if the Android app can also make changes to the password database and still have it all sync with Dropbox. I have 204 items in 1Password so finding an obvious suitable solution has been challenging. Strongbox seems to fit the bill, but it doesn’t have a Android app but since it uses the KeePass format I assume it’s possible to find an Android app that is compatible. But I’m not sure if the compatible Android apps can also make changes that will then sync with Dropbox

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There are quite a few Mac and Android apps on
Notably, enpass seems to tick several of the boxes for you.

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