Password Managers revisited (tired of 1Password issues)

I am increasingly frustrated with 1Password. I use the offline version and do not have a subscription. Any time I find any specific issue the answer is always to move to their server.

One recent example. I want to sync 1Password across 2 macs. Not possible. They only support Sync from a master mac to iOS devices. I’ve asked and asked for WebDAV sync and have always been told never. Even wifi sync between macs gets a consistent answer from 1Password of move to the cloud!

So I have implemented a sneaker-net version where I copy the .opvault file over from my master mac to the laptop periodically. It’s a PITA to do that. I really want a real sync.

So I’ve been exploring other options:

Enpass looks good, but it’s also subscription model although there is a buy once option. It looks a bit clunky in the interface. Some questions about how well it implements the WebDAV sync on their support forums.

Data Vault is another option. No WebDAV sync now, they had it for a while and I have a question in to their support about why it was removed and if it might come back. But they are the only one that clearly understand the need for a non-cloud version. Interestingly they still support Blackberry! :grinning:

Any comments or others I should look at?

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SetApp has Secrets. “Access from anywhere… across your Apple devices”. Supports autofill for Safari and Chrome.

I have not used it but plan to get a desktop Mac (which means I shall suddenly trip across the sync problem you mention above with 1Password). I like 1Password, but for such a mature piece of software, I keep finding friction, such as not being able to move items where I want, autofill not working where I expect it to, and some other things I don’t recall. So I may try Secrets sooner than later!

Have you thought about local folder sync?

Have you considered using Hazel, etc. to copy the file over periodically?

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What about Dropbox sync? Before switching to the subscription version of 1Password I used the single-purchase version of 1Password (v6, if I remember correctly) that synced through Dropbox. This worked very well to sync 2 Macs, an iPhone and an iPad.

Again, if I recall correctly, you could choose to sync using iCloud, Dropbox or local LAN sync. There was a short period of time several years ago when iCloud sync did not work well. At that time Agilebits (1PW developer) recommended Dropbox sync.


I don’t think I was aware of either Enpass or Data Vault before I read your post. I did some quick googling and found a 2018 review that includes references and links to several password managers. Here it is in case you haven’t seen it.

I used 1Password for years before subscribing to, so I’m biased. Personally I would stick to PITA sync. It’s basically my “oh crap everything else has failed where did I put that usb drive” backup

@OogieM is sunlight or moonlight only - no clouds.


Have a look at SafeInCloud Password Manager. Not the most well-known, but it has (a.o.) WebDAV sync support, extensions for most major browsers, One Time Password support (no more Google Authenticator). Imports from most major password managers.
I’m a happy user on both Mac, iPad and Android. For quite some time now.

Lastpass is heavily advertised on the TWiT network shows. I haven’t used it, but it’s been spoken of favourably even when they’re not a sponsor.

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I believe there are keepass clients with WebDAV sync. The nicest looking one (MacPass) doesn’t do it, but it’s smart about handling a file/folder sync method.

No cloud I do not control. Dropbox not an option. If I was willing to use a cloud service I’d stick with 1Password and use their servers.

Have you taken a look at Bitwarden? It’s hosted version may not be what you’re looking for, but the entire thing open source. You could run it’s server on a computer you trust.


I tried to get it to work and it seems to fail about every 2-3 weeks for some unknown reason.

I am actually playing with a Chronosync option.

I’d love to see a Hazel implementation as well if anyone has done that.

How about good ol’ rsync?

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Another option would be Resilio Sync which can sync directly between two or more computers, no cloud necessary.

It’s also much simpler than Chronosync, which I own, but there are a lot of switches to throw to make sure things are syncing the way you’d expect. I’ve found Resilio Sync very simple and reliable.

(Don’t use rsync for two-way sync. Yes, it can be done, but in 2020, no one be doing it. Like using vi on purpose, it’s a digital form of self-flagellation. Unless you’re into that, in which case, no judgment.)


Seconding the Bitwarden recommendation. Still have time to go on my 1Password sub but have pretty much transitioned to Bitwarden already. Importation from other password managers is easy and I simply like the concept of a transparent, open-source app for this stuff. (That said, 1Password remains the only other password manager I would consider if I were to learn of an unexpected reason to distrust Bitwarden.)

+1 Bitwarden. However, I use them to store on the cloud but it works well, and between Apple and Microsoft, that is a plus for me.


ResilioSync leverages torrents, so be sure to set the settings correctly to keep your data within your LAN.

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I use Last Pass on my Macs with no issues. I can’t remember off hand what I pay for it. Used to be 12$ not sure if it went up this year. I have found it very good now, though it has improved a lot since I first loaded it. I know One Password is overwhelmingly popular among power users and I take anything recommended by @MacSparky seriously. I never tried One Password though as I was quite happy with Last Pass and though it is my wont I didn’t experiment.

Keepass would be my go to for password management if I didn’t want to use the cloud. You’d have to use a compatible app mind, as Keepass itself doesn’t run on Mac, but KeepassX does (and quite well - I used this without issue). I also see that there is another Mac option now, MacPass.

From memory, it can do merge internally. It’s not full sync, but you can import merge two files together i.e. over the network, or use the USB version as the “true source”. I think it even has WebDAV support, but it’s been a while since I used it.

I see Resilo Sync mentioned. I bought this years ago, when it was first released and I’ve been using it happily ever since. Have it on my Mac, Windows machine, my Synology NAS and MacBook and it syncs between all of them without issues.

This is absolutely true, but I thought @OogieM was syncing in one direction only. Was I mistaken?