Password Managers with Offline Vault Capability

I cannot seem to find a list of password managers on macos and ios that stores data in offline vaults or allows you to choose the location of your vault. I thought it might be helpful to have a place where we can list this for those of us concerned about storing our personal/sensitive data online.

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Enpass can work with local vaults, or with your private cloud as you can set the location as you wish. It has browser extensions. I have been using for about 2 years for all my passwords and have not had major issues. I find the pricing policy strange however, I bought it as one-time purchase, but they changed somehow after and get strange “upgrade to subscription” prompts. It still works, however.


Bitwarden is open source and has an option to store local. As i understand it is also free in the basic version.

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Add Strongbox to the list. Just about anything based on Keepass. KeepassXC is another.


I would really recommend using bitwarden (using vaultwarden)

I’ve now transitioned to a vaultwarden instance running in docker behind a traefik reverse proxy on my mac mini, and have 1. full control over all my passwords, 2. through wireguard have full sync capabilities on the road 3. I control the whole stack and 4. through the excellent Bitwarden apps on iOS and MacOS have not lost a single ounce of fuctionality.


I‘m just trying out the iOS version of strongbox. Looks pretty nice. I also will test the desktop version. Looks so far as it could replace 1Password completely. Has anybody and experience with syncing strongbox and what mac app to use (strongbox as well?)

I manually drag my “strongbox.kdbx” file from my Mac to my iPhone when I plug it in each day for backup. Strongbox app both places.

I switched to Strongbox from1Password and set up a WebDAV sync on my in-house Synology NAS server. I sync 2 macs, iPad and iPhone that way.

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I also switched to strongbox. Syncing is good via the macos and iphone/ipad. Importing from 1password was an issue. Not everything ported across so be aware, although the attachments not porting has now been fixed I believe.

Are you running a local only webdav for strongbox or does strongbox require that the webdav server is accessible via internet (like iCloud or other sync)?

I’m running local only. If I need toaccess strongbox on a mobile device when outside my home wifi I just select the open offline mode at the start and I’m good to go.

Thanks try to get the same setup going. Local Webdav and offline if on the go. I wonder if this is paranoia and storing the keepass file in icloud is secure enough

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I like Enpass too. The (free!) desktop app isn’t as polished as 1Password but I really like that I retain control of my vaults. The i*OS apps (not free) are better.

I do not think it’s paranoia, more like prudence.


You‘re right. If it is out of your control it is out of your control. I just wonder if for a non high profile target it is secure enough to keep the key file local and the file with the db in iCloud. By this either an attacker has to compromise iCloud ( or apple turns evil) and then it is still not enough to Brut force the password as you need the keyhole for this.

I think what @OogieM is thinking (and I agree) is that the tighter the control you have over your data, especially passwords, the better. It’s true that, by and large, attackers are hitting the high-value targets, but I think iCloud would be a very high-value target.

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