Passwords: Reversing “Never for this Website”

Because I listen to MPU, I’ve used a password manager for many years, since before Apple implemented its own version on iOS. For a long time, I didn’t want Apple to duplicate that functionality, and to save the frequent pop ups, when prompted to save a password, I would click or tap “Never for this website.”

I still use 1Password, but now trust Apple’s implementation as well, and don’t mind the duplication. And Apple’s system is faster on iOS. But I have said “never for this website” on so many of my frequent sites, the auto-fill password function on my iPad is pretty worthless. Is there a way to reverse the “never for this website” functionality, preferably in bulk? It’s not a Safari cookie setting on iOS. I’ve looked in all the obvious places and searched various discussion boards with no luck. (Lots of answers given, but none of them to the right question.)

I just want a re-do!

Based on this, you apparently cannot reset on IOS, only on a Mac:

But maybe if I remove it on the Mac, it will migrate to iOS. Worth a try!

And boy, what a poor implementation by Apple.