Paste inside selected folder

In Finder, when viewing a folder in Column view, you can just command+V to paste stuff inside it. I’d like to be able to do the same when in List view: Just select a folder, and paste inside it with a keyboard shortcut.
Anyone have an idea?

Right-Click on the folder instead of just Clicking when you select it on the list. The Drop Down menu will appear. Hit P on the keyboard and then Return.

Or click on “Paste Item” from the drop-down menu.

You got the answer but if you want to learn more list view tips check out this video from Gary at MacMost:

He also has separate tips/tricks videos for column view as well as for icon view.

I’m happy to see someone post Gary and his videos. I’ve been watching his stuff for years, he gives really great tips and the videos are short, presenting just enough depth for the majority of users. I’ve always wanted him to be interviewed by MPU (nudging @MacSparky and @ismh)

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Gary. Is. The. Best.

I learn something new or re-learn something I’d forgotten with every video of his, and he posts YouTube videos constantly. His is one of my select no-regrets Patreon memberships. But you don’t need to subscribe, just check out his site or YouTube account.

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