Paste link into email


This is something that has been bugging me a long time. I quite often send people a link to for instance a dropbox folder in mail on my Mac. Is there a way to turn it into a clickable link with the link adress as a text in one step?

Now I have to

  1. Copy the text
  2. Paste it in
  3. Select the text
  4. Right-click on the text
  5. Select make link
  6. Paste the link into the link-text box

I would like to

  1. Copy the text
  2. Use a keyboard shortcut to paste it in with the link-address as the clickable link-text

Does that make sense? It would be great if I wouldn’t have to use Keyboard Maestro either as I was having some slow-down issues with that program.

I usually find that after I paste the link and press space or return then the link is automatically recognised. Does that definitely not happen for you?

No, not in Mail on the Mac. It does in any iOS mail-app I use.

Mail Version 9.3 (3124)
OS 10.11.6

Maybe there are some data detectors I need to turn on?

CMND + K will bring up the field to insert the link. This will save some time…

Are you sending in plain text?

And suddenly after years of being frustrated with this it suddenly works! I think I might be going slightly crazy. I did it just before I posted the question as well and it didn’t work but now it does. The magic of MPU maybe :smile:

I have no idea what has changed but thanks for answering, everyone!

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