Paste sync issues

I am trying to use the Paste app via my Setapp subscription. One thing is hanging up, though, in the interaction between my Macbook and my iPhone. Copying something on my Macbook pops up just about instantly in Paste on my iPhone. But the reverse doesn’t seem to be true – if I copy something on my iPhone, it will not appear in Paste for Mac until I open Paste on my iPhone. At that point, it pops up in my clipboard history in Paste for Mac instantly. But not until I open up Paste for iPhone first.

This isn’t by design, is it? I would assume whatever is copied on either device (from whatever app - Messages, browser, Word, etc.) should just instantly “be there” on either device for pasting, in the Paste app. Right? If so, what do I need to check to get this working both ways?

Well, I am surprised I never caught on to this before. I see now that iOS does not let apps run in the background and collect clipboard content (as a safety/privacy measure). However, I also learned about using the share and action extensions to get it into Paste and thereby instantly into Paste on Mac. I guess Apple does not have the same security concerns on the Mac side?

Any other suggestions for how to use this would be great!!

iOS copy was designed like this from the start, whereas macOS has a very long history and apps outside of the App Store have had free reign until relatively recently.

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