PC Chronosync, CCC or Time Machine equivalents?

Hi there,

I’m mainly a Mac/iOS user (M1 MBA’s my primary machine) but had to get a PC for some AR/VR stuff I’m learning.

Since the PC has more space, I’m planning to move my bulkiest, non-archive items to the PC and want to start backing it up.

Does anyone have any app suggestions?

Thanks for any help!

NOTE: Until I downsized, I had an MBP + a Mac mini → into a Drobo 5D + Backblaze and some CCC’d clones.

Chronosync equal would probably be Syncback. I have a Pro license and it’s been worth the money.

For Time Machine, a similar program (but not fully Time Machine), is Bvckup2, which is incredibly fast. I use it on my Windows machine to copy my Windows profile folder to my NAS and it’s QUICK (and solid).

Thanks for the intel @drezha!
Much appreciated.

AJC Sync is really good on Windows. Very similar features to ChronoSync on Mac.

After searching, without success, for a simple but reliable solution such as SuperDuper, for the more conventional backup (full disk images plus differential images) I chose Macrium Reflect (Personal Free edition) about two years ago and am quite happy with it. The interface is not as streamlined and good-looking as CCC, but it has performed reliably for me, so far.

I‘m using it to backup my personal Windows machine, which is primarily used for photo editing, to external USB hard drives, which are BitLocker encrypted. Zero issues so far. I will probably upgrade to Home edition for incremental backups.

Other options to consider:

  • Veeam Backup is very often recommended, I haven‘t tried it myself, though after finding that Macrium covers my needs
  • If you own a Synology NAS, Active Backup for Business as well as the Synology Drive Client might be good options (the newest version of Active Backup finally supporting encryption at rest)

Additionally, Windows 10 includes its own backup services:

  • There‘s the old Windows 7 „Backup and restore“, which has caused me a lot of headache trying to back up my hard drives to my Synology
  • There‘s „File history“, which might be useful to have some Time Machine-like functionality in case you deleted or somehow corrupted a file by accident (that‘s what I personally use for more or less constant local backups, because I don‘t backup daily to my external hard drives)
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Amazing, thanks! @Christoph

Appreciate the info… Thank you @DocD !