PDF app for Windows

I know this isn’t Apple related, but unfortunately I have to use a windows PC at work. My company doesn’t pay for everyone use have adobe, so I don’t have access to be able to merge/split PDFs, rearrange pages, or edit them in ANY way. It’s very frustrating. Is there a free (or inexpensive, 1-time purchase) app I could use on windows to be able to do some of these basic features? My IT dept will authorize most anything I say I need to do my job.

pyPDF2? if you’re comfortable with python scripting

The SO post linked above has some other options, mostly Java based.

The Windows folks at my office use Foxit PhantomPDF:

I use it on occasion, and it seems to have the bells and whistles I need.


When I was on Windows (some years ago) I used Foxit with good results, @lineskc. There is also an iOS app with similar capabilities that you can try for free before deciding. Therefore I support @Evan advice.

You could also try what you can do with the free version of Acrobat Reader for Windows: it is limited, but has more hidden features that most people tend to use.

Good luck!

Curious to hear if FoxIt reads PDF annotations made on the Mac or iOS. I use a program on the Mac that licensed FoxIt rather than using native code (MaxQDA) & it doesn’t keep Mac annotations.

I’ve got the same problem - lone Mac in a PC office network. I’ve been using PDF Expert on the Mac to solve my Windows co-worker issues, but I’ve been trying to find the right application for PDF editing on a Windows computer. Might have to check out Foxit.

Looks like I’ll have to try foxit. Thanks for the input!

When I was on Windows I really liked PDF Xchange. Solid PDF viewer with markup and additional options.

The base version was free as I recall, and the paid version was well worth it. I think they did some product line up changes. I recommend you check them out: