PDF app with a reading ruler?

I recently discovered an excellent feature in the Kindle app: a “reading ruler.” When enabled, the app displays a translucent coloured bar over the text at a certain position in the page. Screenshot:

You can change the colour, the height, and the style of the bar.

I find it speeds up my reading considerably, but I would never want to import most of my readings (PDFs) into the Kindle app. Is anyone aware of a PDF reader with such a feature? Ideally one that can open files in place (to avoid the import-export do-see-doh).

I’ve looked at Highlights, PDF Expert, PDF Viewer, and Flexcil, to no avail.

And yes, I realize I could probably use an actual physical reading ruler (gasp) to accomplish this, app-agnostic… I’m thinking about it!

Skim has this built in, on the Mac.

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Ah, that’s great, thanks! I already use Skim but hadn’t thought to check it.

(I’m hoping for iPad options, too… should’ve mentioned that.)

Were you ever able to find an iOS app that does this?

I never knew the Kindle app on iOS could do this. :grinning:

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No, never. I gave up looking! :frowning:

There’s also an app called overlays that works pretty well, and it’s not PDF specific. I don’t know if there’s an iOS version as I’m not an iPhone user.

I found one! GitHub - ahrm/sioyek: Sioyek is a PDF viewer designed for reading research papers and technical books.

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Great find (albeit not for iPad)!

Hey Ryan, did you have any luck finding an app that has this for the iPad?

No, sorry, I have not. I have thought about getting an actual ruler, heh… except I use my iPad for reading less and less in general.

Yeah I love the reading ruler feature for kindle ipad!

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Of the main offerings I’m only aware that Kindle offers this; even Apple’s Books and the common library apps (Libby and Bluefire Reader) do not. Given that it’s potentially an accessibility tool I assume it’s technologically difficult to implement? No idea. I have it enabled on Kindle too, I don’t really need it but I find it helps me focus.

I would be loathe to move any PDFs to Kindle though so I’d rather go without than do that!


Voice Dream might fit the bill with as lot more to offer as well.

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Found this, but again not for iPad: ‎Glide - Focus Pointer on the Mac App Store


THX for pointing to that!!