PDF app with good presentation (for trial work)


Following a recent two-week trial in federal court, I’ve grown frustrated with LitSoftware’s app “TrialPad.”

While the app was amazing when released, it has not be substantially updated in quite some time. According to their blog, LitSoftware is working on a new suite of replacement products. But it’s been quite some time now with no details, beta, etc.

So I’m looking for alternatives. I’ve played some with PDF Expert’s presentation mode. But I’m curious about others. An ideal solution would have:

  • Presentation mode (display only the open document with a kill switch to display only black)
  • Allow for temporary callouts (magnified portions) and highlighting
  • Allow for easy navigation of a folder of files to go between documents being presented.

Does anybody present regularly in a non-linear way? Jumping between documents as necessary? (i.e. without useing a Keynote/Powerpoint presentation)? If so, what do you use?