PDF Expert read/unread status

Hello MPU family,

I save my bought PDF magazines on my Synology NAS and love to read them via PDF Expert sync on my iPAD pro. However i struggle to know which magazines I have already read and which not. Does anybody knows a feature which makes exactly this possible?

Thanks for your suggestions.

I usually rename documents by adding an “x” to the name so that the un-read documents sort to the bottom. So “Scientific American 2019-07” becomes “xScientific American 2019-07”.

Just tap the name in the tab and select “Rename”.

Another option is to have “Read” and “Unread” folders. Though that takes a few extra steps to maintain.

Third option is to “Star” or “Color Tag” the documents. This one won’t carry over to your NAS in an obvious way.

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+1 for the “x” approach

(and an easy automation candidate)

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If you’re just looking at a way to track your magazine reading, try Chunky Comic Reader. Despite the name in the title, it does an excellent job tracking and reading PDFs, in addition to all the usual comic formats. You create a folder (I use iCloud Drive), add your mags there, and Chunky downloads them automatically. I’ve been using it for a very long time.

Great suggestions! Up to now I used the color tag, but thw missing sync to the NAS is quite annoying. The renaming is quite easy and promising. Only problem here is for multiple users in a family. But I will try this one. Thank you.

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Chunky Comic Reader looks quite promising. Downloaded it and I am trying it right know. Do you know if there is also an auto sync option for SMB or FTP connections? Didn’t found out how it works yet.

I’m not sure about that. I have always just synced via iCloud and, I think, Dropbox before that. It makes it easy since I can go to iCloud every few months and move the ones I have read to an Archive folder (or delete them if you don’t want them anymore). What ever is left in the Chunky folder will remained synced and the ones you moved out are gone from Chunky.

One thing I would suggest is that you use a uniform and useful naming convention for your files. I use MagName-YYYYMMDD. Keeps things well organized within Chunky.

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