Pdf file help / typing

I’m looking for some help with PDFs. Once a month I have to type a bunch of information out and send it to about 20 people on a text message. I’m thinking the ODF is easier then a long text message.

I’m trying to figure out what I should type it in, normally I use my iPhone and type it in drafts. But I want to start using my computer, this time I used my computer with Microsoft Word it was ok . But then I went
to send it as a PDF and it wouldn’t send as a text message to as group of iPhones and androids that I wanted to send it to.

So my questions…
What should I type it in drafts, pages, Microsoft word?
How can I easily get that PDF to the group chat to send it?
I also made a shortcut to send to the group so somehow I want to incorporate that to get the PDF file.

Does anyone have any good workflows for this?


When I send PDFs, I often just open Messages to my last conversation with a person, and drag and drop a pdf there. Works fine.
For creating the pdf, there are thousands of possibilities including exporting from Word, using Pages, PDF Expert, Text Edit (print, then save as pdf), …

I drag and drop PDFs into iMessage on my Mac several times a week. They get sent as attachments that can be viewed with a tap, or saved. For quick and dirty invoicing I’ve occasionally sent PDFs of Soulver sheets via iMessage to multiple recipients.

The Shortcut for this is pretty simple. Create your document in Drafts, if you have this Shortcut or something like this on your phone then from Drafts share it to the Shortcut. The Shortcut will convert markdown to rich text and then convert the rich text to PDF and send it to Messages for transmission to whomever. You can modify the last step in the Shortcut to hardcode the message group in “Recipients” that you want to send the PDFs to. Just once, you’ll need to give Shortcuts access to your Contacts when prompted.


As I recall, sending PDFs to Android users via Messages is problematic. If that’s the case it might just be easiest to save the pdf to DropBox and share indirectly to the group via a DropBox link. I tend to use Pages so if it were me I would just type it in Pages, save it as a pdf in DropBox then share. Should be pretty straightforward.

Yes it seems to be a problem sending to android. I’m trying to figure out if I type it on my computer how do i get it to my iPhone to send it? And also making a shortcut to get the pdf and send it. I have a short cut made just need to figure out the PDF stuff and add it to the shortcut.

This should work for opening the Pages document on iPhone (just save it into iCloud while on the computer). If it’s just plain text you could just as easily type it up in Notes! Switch to iPhone then use the same shortcut above to save it to Dropbox. Would be easier than using Pages.

So, workflow would be type in Notes on computer, switch to iPhone, open Note, send to Shortcut, switch to Messages, paste link and send.

Actually, this is easier:

Maybe Telegram would be a better option. Very multi-platform and multi-device, and supports attachments up to 1.5GB each.

WhatsApp? Famous for its feature parity between iOS and Android. Desktop and web proxy apps also, so you may not need to move to your phone to send.