PDF file - making collaborative annotations

I’m currently on the hunt for an application that facilitates collaborative annotations on PDF files, including features such as highlighting and adding comments or notes by user. While I’ve come across numerous apps that handle PDF annotations proficiently, I’ve found that they do not allow collaborative capabilities.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Onenote? After you “print pdf to page” I think you can do this.

I wonder if Apple notes now allows this with new editing on pdf if it’s shared?

This has been queried on the forum before and there were a couple of suggestions: Free cross-platform PDF editing?

However, I would say the recommendations depend on what you’re intending to use it for. If you just need a few humans to mark up a document in close to real time that a human will later be reviewing, GDrive is fine and still what I’d recommend if you’re Google users.

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Bluebeam Cloud is designed specifically for collaborating on PDF annotations. It is a paid service marketed to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, but it can work for everyone.

You can have toolsets of custom annotations for easy reuse, but you might have to use a Windows PC to make them. After you upload the toolset to Bluebeam cloud, you can use them on any device.

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Thanks all, for the useful comments. I think I can make GDrive work for me. Bluedreqm looks interesting but my needs are not professional at this time. Appreciate the feedback!