[PDF Pen]getting trapped in the middle between Smile and Nitro


I recently tried to raise a support ticket regarding issues with PDFPen Pro (i.e. Mac app freezing and Watermark hidden) , it took me 5 minutes to figure out how to raise a ticket on the Smile web site only to find out the next day they referred me to Nitro. Tried to start the same from the Nitro site but got diverted back to Smile.

Does anyway have issues with PDFpen pro product and support services lately and should I start looking for another alternative for Mac PDF files management. This is a shame, PDF pen has been a very good product until it is sold recently

Haven’t had any issues lately but going via pdfpen.com points you to Nitro PDF Pro Mac Support Ticket | Help for Eligible Nitro Customers and as Nitro now own PDF Pen I’d have thought support should be with them.

@aardy thanks, I have already gone down this path, log the ticket and reached this screen

then I clicked knowledgebase, it takes me back to Smile. I have not tried the other two options, but I suspect it is the same.

Asking everyone for help as I cannot find a way to reach Nitro support