PDF Printing question

When printing a PDF from a website the options show for several apps. After selecting an app I can see the PDF pages processing but they’re not found within the selected app. Not currently a problem as there are workarounds–just wondering where the pages go.

If you’re using the PDF submenu in the Print dialog – a dropdown menu at the bottom of the dialog – the PDF should be sent to the chosen app, and the app opens. If that does not happen with a specific app, then there is probably a mis-configuration.

The PDF-to-app printing service uses an aliases to send the document to apps that can accept input this way. Not all applications can. Open Library > PDF Services in Finder to see the list of aliased apps. Control-click one of them to open the contextual menu and choose “Show Original”. If nothing happens — i.e, Finder navigates to that app, then that item is misconfigured.

Use the “Edit Menu” option at the bottom of the “PDF” dropdown box in the Print dialog to add a new destination or delete an old destination.

More info here:

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