PDF Shortcut Needed

I have an event that I am coordinating today. (not sure if anyone will read this in time) It’s an all day event.
I have every part of the event broken down in PDFs

  • Schedule (Internal)
  • Schedule (External)
  • Map
  • Distribution
  • Speaker

I have Dropbox, Goodnotes, Documents, PDF Expert, and the list goes on.

Looking For…

  • fastest access
  • ability to markup with apple pencil

I don’t think you can put PDFs on a homescreen. They are currently stored in 2 locations (iCloud Drive/Files and Dropbox)


How about importing them in to PDF Expert? If they are all top level, you will have quick access and all the editing tools available. Should also negate any network issues as (I am pretty sure) they are local on device, but I could be wrong on this bit!

I use a ”document pick” shortcut that might help:

Why not import them into an event notebook in goodnotes?

I just came from a conference and I used a folder in PDF Expert for this on my iPad. Works great and then I can move it wherever I want (usually Evernote).

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Thank you!! Combining the responses of top level with PDF Expert and GoodNotes