PDF software for iMac


Anyone have a recommendation on pdf software for iMac? I am thinking between Pdf Expert and Pdf Pen. I have expert for the ipad and I love it. PDF Pen has the forms capability which I like, but might not use it too much.

I know both are great pieces of software, so no disrespect to either one. What do you think?


Depends on your needs and what you intend to do. For reading and light editing, Apple’s Preview works great (It’s what I use). If you need more, one of the software apps you mentioned work well too.

Best free options are Apple’s Preview app and Skim. If you need to do sophisticated editing, I personally recommend PDF Expert on the Mac.

There have been a few discussions about these apps in the last year. You might want to use the Search to check them out.

I use both PDF Expert and PDF Pen Pro. If possible, I use PDF Expert.

Like @bowline said, there are quite lengthy discussions in this community, one of them can be found here:

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I prefer PDF Expert. It seems to do everything I need (apart from one thing) and is much better than Preview when dealing with tricky edits. Nice interface and good drag and drop to insert PDFs into a master copy.

The one thing I wish it had was OCR capability. I end up putting a PDF into DevonThink just to recognise and extract the text.

For heavy lifting, I have not found anything that works as good as Adobe’s Acrobat. But, it is expensive. :frowning:

I am trying to wean myself off the Adobe empire (unsuccessfully, so far).

I have not given pdfExpert a real test run. I downloaded the trial, but seems that everything I need to do is blocked (exporting).