PDF workflow on new MacBook Air

Hi there, I have the new mac book air ! On my old mac book pro I had a workflow set up in the print pdf function. I could automatically send the PDF to my Dropbox action folder from where Hazel did the necessary filing. On this new MacBook I can add the action folder in the pdf menu but goodness knows where the files go because they don’t appear in action ! I know I can manually send them from the send as PDF function but that adds another step. I learnt this trick from David some time ago and am missing it ! Any thoughts would be welcome ! thanks

It might be helpful to know how you set up the “send to action” command.

Also, have you done a search in Finder to look for the newly created pdf? If searching by name doesn’t find it, trying searching for all pdfs (or all files even) and sorting by date created.

GraemeS it was very simple. In the print PDF menu you can scroll down to edit and then it lets you add a workflow and you just pick the folder you want to send it to, in my case Action.
I’ve searched in Finder but no luck !

Hmm, I was just checking the obvious really. I have the same thing set up (except not in Dropbox, and I haven’t received my new computer yet).
Have you tried setting this up in a different location, such as your desktop, in case it’s a permissions thing?

I was thinking of setting it up in iCloud documents and taking Dropbox out of the equation. That might mean re-doing all my Hazel filing rules !!

Try a test folder first to see if it works.
I’ve never needed to, but isn’t it possible to migrate a folder within Hazel, so rules don’t need to be rebuilt?

yes I will test first ! Fingers crossed for a Hazel fix.