PDFExpert Pro - what did I just pay for?

So I was prompted to pay for a one time offer of PDFExpert Pro when I launched PDFExpert on my iPad. I vaguely remember a thread on this forum about how if you don’t accept the offer, it won’t reappear, so I decided I would pay the $25 for the 1-year trial offer of PDFExpert Pro. I wanted to see what features Pro gives you, so I went to the PDFExpert website and all I can find is a reference to a Premium plan:

Has anyone been able to find what this Pro version gives you or is it the same as the Premium plan?

Are you sure it said you bought the Pro version and not the Premium subscription? What does the app itself say in Settings? If you have Premium, it should have asked you to create an account.

PDF Expert Pro used to exist before switching to the subscription model, up until a couple of years ago, it was a one-time purchase and it gave you a couple of features (I can’t remember which ones exactly but I bought it back then, I think it was mostly the editing features). Some of these features were later incorporated into the subscription model (the previous one, before the latest release with all the platforms unified).

Edit: If you can’t figure it out, Readdle support is almost always quick to respond.

It doesn’t say anything in settings, but the iCloud subscriptions list shows it as PDF Expert PRO.

Hm. Weird that they are still selling that after rolling out the new subscriptions. This is what it probably includes then…

(see the table)

… but I’d still check with their support.

Their support is superb.

I contacted support and they replied I have all the features listed on this page: