PDFPEN OCR cheaper alternative?

Hi guys, I’m trying to find a alternative for OCRing PDFs that won’t break the bank. Any thoughts?

I use PDFscanner from the Mac app store and it seems to work fine for me. I think it was $15? https://www.pdfscannerapp.com/

It even has a Automator add-on that you can use it with Hazel to automatically OCR a PDF that hasn’t been OCRed and then take action on that.

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OCRKit - from ExactScan

If you have a SetApp subscription, Prizmo has OCR capabilities.

PDFscanner works well for me.

Thanks, guys. I’ll give pdfscanner a try.

I don’t have a setApp subscription… But thanks anyways.

I use OCRmyPDF. It is an open source command line tool based on Tesseract.

I have set up Hazel to automatically run the script on any pdf in my Inbox that does not contain an e and haven’t had any issues with it.
I don’t have a comparison on accuracy with PDFPen Pro or Prizmo though.


PDFSandwich. Also uses Tesseract for OCR. Does some pre-processing too. Commandline tool that van be installed via Homebrew. Completely free.

I second this recommendation. I found that OCRmyPDF produces smaller files and better OCR than some of the expensive commercial apps I have tried. It’s also faster, and does a great job of deskewing scans automatically.

Hey JL,

Thanks for the recommendation I’ll definitely try it. Would you mind sharing the exact command you use on your hazel rule?

I’ve been using PDFIfy and it does a fair enough job of OCR (only used on documents with a few pages.