PDFPen on SetApp

Just a heads-up for those who may be interested.

I got an email notification today that PDFPen is now part of SetApp.

(This will be a good opportunity for me to check it out. I’m currently using PDFExpert on both Mac and iOS, and I like it — but I’ve been intrigued by PDFPen’s OCR capabilities. I’ve occasionally gone over to Smile’s site to check it out, and balked at the price. But since I already subscribe to SetApp . . . )


I’m the same way! I love PDF Expert, but I am pumped about scriptable OCR.

I understand from reading others’ forum posts that the OCR function of PDFPen is slow, at least for processing of multiple documents or a batch of documents. Is that true?

If so, is this the type of function that could be dramatically speeded up by “brute force” - meaning newer, faster hardware? I’m thinking of purchasing a newer, faster iMac or even an iMac Pro, for other reasons. Would this be able to process (OCR a batch of PDF files) at an acceptable speed?

The discount currently available for Setapp is attractive. If I knew that PDF Pen would do what I hope it might do, then I might spring for Setapp.