PDFPen Pro for iOS—adding signature from PNG?

Hi all,

I must be missing something simple, but I’m stumped. I have a PNG file of my signature that I regularly plug into PDFPen Pro on my Mac. But when I’m using my iPad and PDFPen Pro I cannot seem to find where I tap to add an image to my PDF document.

I know I will probably feel like the dumbest guy on the planet when I see the answer, but I’m willing to accept that angst so that I can finally figure it out. Thanks so much for your help!

Bill Wilson

If you tap the Library icon (top row, one in from the right), then you can select pictures (second option). Once you’ve added it you can save it to your custom library:


Ah, OK, so first I need to get my PNG signature into my photo library and then pull it in. I saw that before and kept thinking, “I don’t want to put a photo of my dog in here…” In the Mac version, I just Insert the image by selecting the PNG file out of a file folder. Now I’m beginning to see the light.

Thank you very much, Rosemary!

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