Personal Hotspot: connection, but no internet

Recently (I don’t know when it exactly started, but probably around the introduction of iOS 13) I’m unable to use a Personal Hotspot on my MacBook Pro, from either my iPhone or my iPad (with cellular capabilities). This worked fine in the past, but while the MacBook still connects to an iOS device, it will now not have any internet connection. I also tried using the hotspot from my iPhone on my iPad and vice versa, with exactly the same behaviour: connection, but no internet.

I have already emailed my provider whether they changed anything in my mobile subscription recently, but it usually takes them up to a week to respond.

Anything else I can try in the mean time?

I’ll test this tomorrow at work, personal hotspot on ios13 has been hit and miss for me as well

I recently tried this with my iPhone 11 on Verizon and it didn’t work at all.

I connected my iPhone to my MacBook via a lightning-to-USB-C cable¹, and it worked fine.

¹ the iPhone 11 actually came with this cable this year. Finally!

Yes, lightning (iPhone/iPad) to USB-A (older MacBook Pro) does work.

I’d rather use the wireless option, but I guess this is yet another bug in iOS 13?

Anyone having more luck with this?

I can connect a WiFi only iPad to my iPhone hotspot and it works fine. Both running iOS/iPadOS 13. Verizon on the phone.

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I’ve tested it this morning, iPad with iOS13 works fine, mac with macOS Catalina does not the first time.
Needed to reboot and try twice more for it to have an internet connection

I just tried this on a 11” iPad Pro (WiFi) and there was also an issue connecting iOS devices (it just timed out and wouldn’t connect). I had to restart both the phone and and iPad for it to successfully connect. This worked perfectly on iOS 12, what a shame they’ve broken it in 13! After this, I tried on my MacBook and it worked first time, probably because I’d restarted the phone recently.

Thankfully I have a cellular 13” for when I’m travelling, and I only use the 11” at home.

After upgrading my MacBook Pro to Catalina (10.15.1) and my iPhone/iPad to iOS 13.2.2 the hotspot works again!

Hope it stays this way…