Personal Performance Dashboard

I searched around but couldn’t quite find what I’m thinking of.

Does anyone have a dashboard for personal goal performance? I’m thinking a single-page view (in what app though?) that shows me actual performance vs. goals for some specific metrics I have in my life. Bonus points if it looks good.

I can certainly create this in a handful of tools I’ve got, but I wanted to hear what others are using. I’d like it to be something easy to see (1 click? Web app?) and quick to edit.

Consulting: Monthly Hours Billed
Goal 44 - Actual xx - Remaining yy

Bike Rides: Weekly/Monthly
Goal 2/9 - Actual x/y

Date Nights Monthly
Goal 2 - Actual x

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In the middle of building one for myself using Python and Jupyter notebooks. May not be the most user-friendly solution though.

Interesting! I hope you’ll share the results.

I built what I wanted in Numbers for now. Monday I gotta get back to work in, rather than on, the business :wink:

I’m still very open to solutions others are using successfully!


I know a personal dashboard and metrics can be valuable but I admit that such a concept makes me tired thinking about it! :grinning: I have so many metrics in my professional work that I don’t know if I could stomach one to judge my personal performance–I have enough people more than willing to do that for me anyway! :joy:

Don’t you know it!

But therein is the reason I want this one. Importantly, only one of these has anything to do with work. These are the metrics I’ve decided matter to me this year: the chosen few by which I personally will judge my performance in 2022. Not saying none will change along the way, but “you have to have a plan to change a plan!”

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I agree wholeheartedly, I just don’t want the metric starring in the face. Ignorance can be bliss! :grinning:

You’ve got that right.

You know the metric I really wouldn’t want to see for myself every year? To-dos deferred from originally assigned due date to another time. There’s something I never want to know.


This is clean, and very cool. 'Tis the season to set these kinds of things up— I’ve just got to a comfortable place with my own system for observing personal "KPI"s. Mine’a much more journal based, and I’d promised myself I don’t need any fancy charts, but this is appealing in its simplicity.

Not sure how you’re tallying/tracking the raw data, but if I were going to do something similar, I can imagine a daily or weekly review script that pulls values from appropriate sources (calendar, journal/logs) and calculates totals to add to the sheet. In fact, I might just experiment…

Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks @jsamlarose!

I’m happy to share the Numbers sheet if that’s helpful. I thought about scripts of the types you mentioned and then realized that my KPIs are so few and so simple (except hours billed, maybe), that manual entry and formulas are the way to go.

Each day I will update the “Actual” column in the Weekly Goals section. That’s only 5 numbers.

On Mondays, I move those numbers to the 2022 table on the far right and zero the Weekly. Everything else will calculate from formulas. And then, throughout the year, I’ll find and fix my many hidden math errors!


Maybe something like this, using Notion?

I set this up a while ago, but honestly have moved away from Notion a bit. I might revisit this again this year. So watching this thread for suggestions.

Not done with it yet but I’m working on one on Obsidian that will pull data from my daily journal note and present it to me. Fiddling with Dataview plugin to do it. Also playing with how to integrate in some time based tings like hours on task X. I use TimeTable 3 to summarize the data. I can export views of the data as text and then pull them into Obsidian but haven’t gotten any further than thinking about it. Also fiddling with my 12WY template to see if I can adapt some of the things I keep in paper (or GoodNotes) that I use for tracking on my plan into Obsidian as a metric that gets measured.


Slightly OT (but it’s my thread!) - but I tried Notion yesterday for the first time. It looked good, but the Evernote import is broken. They know it’s broken (responded to a help email) but choose to leave the broken feature in with no notes/notice so that people like me waste an hour thinking we’re doing something wrong when it looks like it’s working but ultimately fails.

That was the end of me and the Notion experiment.

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Sounds like you want an app version of this analog system:

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Thanks! Would be useful to see copy of the sheet if not too much trouble…

Sure, here you go: Dropbox - Performance Tracker.numbers - Simplify your life

A couple of notes:

  1. Yellow cells are input cells (you put data in them). Other cells are calculated automatically.
  2. There’s a bug that I need to research how to fix in Numbers (I could fix it in Excel). Because of the way Numbers does charts I have to use the “Left to Go” number to create the (grey) bar for uncompleted goals. When this goes negative it screws everything up. If the target for Goal 1 is 5, when you put 6 in the “Actual” cell it goes negative and messes up the charts. I need to make it so that any negative number results in a 0 instead.


I found this Obsidian plugin today which looks quite interesting.

I’m going to have a play this evening to look.


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I’ve also made mine in Numbers.

1 Sheet is for Habits (monthly) and another one for Goals (6 months or Yearly)

I’ve been working on these from last few months and I’ve raised my productivity level quite a lot since then.


That looks great. Well done!

You have far more going on in your life to track than I. I fear I would find it discouraging when, for me, several things would be behind at a given time. How are you doing with keeping all those plates spinning and staying motivated? For me, the advantage of a small number of goals is that when one or two get behind it feels very easy to sprint for a week to catch them back up. If I get too far behind on too many things I just quit. (Not a good trait, but alas.)

Yours also makes me want to step up my game on the visual design aspect of my tracker! You clearly have a natural sense of design. That level of visual appeal would take me a long time, I suspect, if I could pull it off at all. I have a rule about spending too much time on my systems instead of on billable work. Seeing yours is the kind of thing that makes me want to spend a half day making improvements to mine!