Pet Owners : Management of Health Data for Animals / Pets (Dog | Cats)

For anyone who is a pet owner, would you mind sharing how you are managing health-related data for your pet?


I put receipts and reports into a folder in EagleFiler, usually in subfolders by year, and by pet. You could easily do the same as a cross-platform solution in Apple Notes, or DevonThink, or Evernote, or OneNote, or Zoho Notebook, or Notebooks App, for anything from free to $19+

Nothing special really needed, just a place to dump files in an accessible manner.

I’ve been using Airtable to manage all of my dog’s health visits, meds, etc. If you go to their main site (or iOS app), they have a template for pet medical history that I customized for my needs. It works pretty well and i can attach scanned receipts for each visit.

I have this system where I ask my wife and she keeps it in her head, probably not the best way of doing things


I use a simple system of scanning any doco in as a PDF, tagging with the dog or cat’s name, then filing it by FY. We’re fortunate not to have any real health problems with them so there’s not a lot of doco beyond their vaccination records.

There was actually an iOS app for this but it was one of those situations where the pain of inputing data on iOS into a single purpose database far outweighed the reward. I ended up just scanning any paperwork with ISO date format as recommended in David’s paperless book and keeping a mental record of meds that were either daily till they ran out or daily forever or monthly.