Philips Phantom Menace (lights)

The Hue lights in my bedroom have decided to come on at 3:07am for the past three mornings. Needless to say thus is not a Good Thing™.

I’ve checked my Home automations, checked the Hue app routines, and can’t find anything that would cause them to do this.

Has anyone else experienced this weirdness? How did you resolve the issue?

I once had an issue where my Hue lights decided I was arriving home at 2am, and then again when I turned them off, and again, until 2:15am at which point I turned off the regular switches, tweeted at the Hue support and went back to sleep.

Which is to say: It might be something that’s not a time based trigger? Do you have any other automations that turn on your lights? Try disabling them one at a time (or all of them and enabling one at a time) to see if this keeps happening. Also, the Hue support folks did get back to be really quickly when I had my issue!

Are these your only Hue lights? If you have others, are they also turning on?

What is the setting for Settings -> Power-on Behavior?

Just trying to rule out a power outage causing the lights to come on when power is restored.

Thanks @RosemaryOrchard, that’s a good thought. I don’t have any automations (arrivals, etc. ) for these two lamps.

That’s a good idea @JoePreiser . I’ll have to check the others (all downstairs) and see what they’re doing. We have had all lights come on after a storm. Could be the power company playing games at night working on a problem.

I looked around and don’t see a setting for power-on behavior in the Hue or Home apps.

It’s in the Hue app.

Here is a marked up screenshot from my iPhone showing the location.

I have mine set to “Power loss recovery” which should restore the last state (on/off, brightness, color).

Ah! I had lights selected when I tried the settings. From the main screen I see the option and set it. Thanks!