Phone crashes while scanning documents to Mac

Hi all-

Today I was using my phone to scan handwritten pages into my Mac using the “Import from iPhone > Scan Documents” feature. I tried to do it twice, and both times, the phone crashed out of the scanner mode after I had already scanned a couple pages. The computer displayed an error message that the scan couldn’t be completed because the iPhone got disconnected.

Anyone know what happened here, or how I can prevent this in the future? This created a whole lot of stress for me because I was trying to scan in my work at the end of a strictly timed exam! (Remote “learning,” am I right??)

I don’t know neither what caused it nor how to debug… Perhaps others here can chip in.

But to do some immediate remediation of your stress, best to try “another way”, including:

  • Take photographs of the pages with iPhone and move photos to Mac (my least favorite idea!), but works.
  • Use the “Scan Documents” feature in the iPhone’s “Files” app.
  • If using Dropbox, use their scanning feature
  • Use an app designed for scanning. I’ve used Scanner Pro for years (but the above Files and Dropbox methods sort of makes Scanner Pro redundant, but it has nice touch-up features).
  • Surely many more ways

These should get you going now while you are debugging a problem that perhaps has no easy fix (or is there is an easy fix?. Getting going now probably is the bigger opportunity for. you).

Yeah, I ended up taking pictures of the pages that day. Thanks for all the suggestions.