Photo and video workflow with iPad

My 18 y/o granddaughter uses her Sony A6400 camera professionally to take personal training photos and videos, then use her 11" iPad Pro to edit and share the photos/videos with work partners and clients.

Can anyone suggest an efficient workflow? She is able to import the sony video files and photo raw files into the “On my iPad” folder in the iPad Files app using a USB-C memory card reader. She prefers to avoid the iPadOS Photos app if possible.

Is it feasible to bypass the iPadOS Photos app and perhaps use Lightroom to select, sort, store and edit the photos? What about videos? She can use LumaFusion to edit the videos, but I’m not sure how to efficiently handle the import-edit-store workflow.

I understand that the iPad app Raw Power could work with or without the Photos app to edit raw photo files. Could this be part of the above workflow?

My last photography “workflow” involved Kodachrome, Tri-X, and lead foil bags so I’m not the one to offer advice. But while you are waiting for answers I thought the following might be interesting:

I’ve been following Mann’s work for a few years and he seemed like a great guy in an interview I saw some time ago. He posted his email address in the first story “If you have any questions or are interested in reaching out for any reason, comment at the bottom of the page or reach out directly . . . “

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Great articles shared by @WayneG above, and I do agree with Austin Mann. For efficient professional photo workflows, Adobe is still the best bet IMO. Lightroom is a powerful tool, even on iPad (Photoshop is still lagging, unfortunately.)