on Mojave

Hi !

I just updated my 5k mac on Mojave. As I take photos, I use to export photos from to some folder, with drag and drop. This give me a full frame jpg image (img_xxx.jpg). With a Alt + drag & drop, I get HEIC or RAW file instaed (original files)

However with Mojave, there is a change. Drag & dropping now exports a jpg thumbnail file (UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_6bc8.jpg). the Alt key has no effect on export HEIC or RAW files.

Is there a trick to quickly export original file or JPG with using the menus and the extra panes ? I wish there was a way to add a keyboard shortcut, but as the menu renames itself depending on the number photo selected photos, that’s impossible).


Edit : I found something… I’m using Forklift as file management. When I drag & drop to forklift, a thumbnail ois create, and I ge a notification say that I will get a full resolution image if I export to the disk… Which I thought forklift is doing too… I just tried to drag and drop to the desktop, and get JPG or HEIC, full size file ! I guess Forklift is faulty in this case and needs an update.

Did an update fix the issue?


Well, there have been update of Forklift, but I didnßt see an improvement for this, in particular. I don’t know if it’s the app or a normal behaviour of

Reach out to Forklift support