Photo Backup Workflow

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering everyone’s workflows for the iPhone photos. I recently came into a glitch in my workflow that I had for the last few years. This glitch only happened because I am trying to help someone, it still works great for me personally.

Photo Workflow

  • Regular daily/weekly backups from iPhone to Computer
  • I use an app called PhotoSync that is just amazing and full of configurations
  • At the computer, Hazel runs through a set of rules and a script so that the following “IMG1234.JPG” looks like this “2019-06-06 at 00-17-48-IMG1234 - 3024 x 4032.JPG” and gets sorted into a folder YYYY-MM-DD
  • I then move the folder to my Synology and I add an event name after the date.

Quick Responses for suggestions of Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon, and other cloud places

  • Almost all of those places screw up the metadata in some shape or form (tested this several times)

Enter The Problem.
Family member has not backed up their pictures in 2 years. 9,000 pictures.
Anytime I try to start my workflow process for this family member’s phone and I lose the connection regularly. (phone call, network drop, a photo or video just gets hung up or something)

Does anyone have suggestions to move this many pictures without losing out on the metadata? (biggest one for me is the date and timestamp of the capture date) Most of the earlier cloud services I mention with replace that date with the “modified date” which is a big no-no for me.


If Photosync’s WiFi isn’t working, just leave it be.

Assuming your family member is using an iPhone and Mac, just plug the phone into the computer via Lightning-to-USB, and back up to Apple Photos. (Whereupon you can retain the photos there, or export anywhere at your leisure.) Easy peasy.

A wired connection is definitely a good idea.

Be sure to hold down Option when you launch Photos and it will let you create a new photo library so their photos don’t end up in yours.

Also, with the wired connection you can put the phone in Airplane Mode while it’s importing to prevent anything from interrupting it, but it will probably be much faster over USB anyway.

  1. Connect to Mac with Lightning cable
  2. Open “Image Capture”
  3. Download images to desired location
  4. Done

I use Dropbox as my primary way of getting photos off of the iPhone and ready to go into my photography workflow.

I first use the Dropbox app and the Camera Uploads function to back up to the Camera Uploads folder inside my Dropbox root. I then move the files to my permanent storage structure and then import into Lightroom.

I am not aware that Dropbox is changing the metadata and have never had an issue with this process.

How about sneakernet using a USB flash drive. It keeps all metadata and is reliable (although very large latency!)