Photo Book Apps

Does anyone have experience with the photo book apps Mimeo and/or Motif (or any others)? I’m particularly interested in the quality of the printed products. In the (fairly distant) past I used Shutterfly; I can’t say the creation experience was great but I thought the books themselves seemed fine.

Both Mimeo and Motif mention a dust jacket for their hardbound books. I’d like to know whether the cover is printed directly on the book, or only on the dust jacket.

AdoramaPix (from the excellent Adorama photo/video store) is great. Tom’s Guide also rated them #1 out of nine services they reviewed:

Over the years I’ve gotten many prints from them, and ordered one book a few years ago. Very good quality.

I’m also a fan of’s magazines. I’ve made several one-off mags of my photos for friends - they’re low/magazine quality images but they’re just $6 for 20 pages and 20¢ per additional page. Blurb also make photo books in various sizes (form 7x7" to 11x13") starting at $33 for 20 pages… but I’ve never ordered one.

All these services offer specials, so Google for coupon codes before buying. (Also consider signing up for accounts before buying, and you may be emailed a 1st-order coupon too.) Right now, for example, Blurb has 35% off photo books, plus free shipping, with coupon-code PRINTNOW35 (ends 5/17)

Blurb’s books are nice,I’ve done a couple via the integration with Lightroom and seen another couple done with their app…

Depending on what occasion you want it for, we have used:

Very happy with the finished product