Photo & Caption sharing workflow for sharing with "regular folks"?

Hi everyone,

This question has plagued me for decades; so we may not solve it here, or at least not all at once.

Wondering how you share photos that you have dutifully embedded caption data in, etc. with folks who will not be able to (nor will care to try) see what you’ve embedded in the photos.

In the past, in military public affairs work, I’ve had photographers working for me embed the data (because pros will look there for info., especially news orgs. etc.). BUT, because the photos usually had to go through an approval process or sharing process before publication with non-technical people, we went as far as to make PPT or Word docs. with the caption info. as a text block beneath each photo.

The people we were sharing with would not have any sophisticated software and could not view the embedded data. It was such a labor intensive process! … Then, if those in the approval chain made any changes, we would have to update the PPT slide AND the embedded data; then resubmit!!

I’m facing the same sort of problem.

About to share some photos I took at a volunteer event with my church. … I’ll dutifully embed a generic caption (I might not have names of all in the photos), photographer name, event info., etc.

Ninety percent of the people who will see and handle the photos will not have access to the embedded caption info. and will make up their own, or (even worse) when the photos leave my control and go to other agencies, the photos will say, “Courtesy photo .”

How do I head this off with the least amount of work?

Unless there’s an automated way to create that PPT show, extracting the caption and photographer names like a mail-merge, I don’t really want to do it manually!

Thank you!


Dunno if this helps or if it will it work for your case, but Shortcuts can extract a fair amount of data from a photo from the photos app.

Might be worth to look into it :smiley:

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On a Mac, you should be able to extract the EXIF data using exiftool which you can install via brew.

I know there are some tools out there which will let you make a “slide deck” using Markdown, but I’m not sure how you would go about embedding pictures in there as well.

Unless you are making web pages (where the photos could be referred to by URL), I’m not sure how to proceed.

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Automator has an “Extract Metadata” option which can export all the EXIF data you’re looking at to a text block or to a tabbed text file.

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Thanks all!

ExifTool worked!

I had a hard time figuring out what field names corresponded to which data tags within the file (programs call them different things but the tool needed to know the actual name to pull data from!).

This is the line that worked for me:

exiftool -Caption-Abstract -By-line -csv *.jpg > out.csv

(I did not want to type out a complex directory; so "cd’d my way to the right directory and ran the command against all .jpgs in there).

Now, I’m going to fiddle in Excel and make it prettier – I will work on a PPT/other solution later.

Thanks again,