Photo Contest Solution Workflow?

Need help with this task.

We created a small contest among some friends for a photo contest. There are about 15 of us involved in a photo contest with a maximum submission of 3 photos. I setup an email address where everyone can e-mail their photos (I didn’t want it to mix with any of my personal emails). Some people attached their photos, some uploaded just links to their own cloud storages.

We have 5 judges and I am trying to create a way for them to view the image (online or phone) and have them vote. All 5 judges are iPhone users. Last year, I put them all in an iCloud Photo album, but then I had to go back and remember who’s picture is who.

Any suggestions??

One album for each contestant, and perhaps also one album containing all images, if you’d find that useful. Then invite people to view a shared album.

For quick and dirty usage, without worrying about storage limits, I’d also consider using Google Photos, which is totally free for jpegs.