Photo library won't repair. Stuck at 99%

Hi everyone. My photos library seems to be having issues. I had to restore my mac from a time machine back up recently. When i tried to open the photos app, it said that it needed to be repaired. It gets stuck at 99%. I’ve done some searches online and have found that sometimes it takes a few days for it to repair. I have had this thing going for way longer than that so i think something is amiss.

I had time machine backups and did a backup of my photos library. I tried restoring from a time machine back up but i have the same problem. I don’t exactly know what i can do, if anything, with my photo library backup i created several months ago.

Any ideas?

2015 MBP 15 macOS Mojave

Your photos library is really a package file. This article explains how to open it and copy folder by folder, and then photo by photo to find and remove the corrupted files.

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This may still work on Mojave, but note that on Catalina there is no ‘Masters’ folder, so the advice given in the linked article must be adjusted accordingly.

Ok thank you. I will give it a shot. But what happens to the corrupted file? If the photos are on stored on iCloud servers, what happens when a corrupted file is deleted from the library? Hope that question makes sense…

Basically you are removing the corrupt file from your library and then running the repair again in hopes that it will complete.

This article indicates that once the repair completes successfully, the library will resync with iCloud.

@jec0047 is correct, under Catalina, the Masters folder is now called Originals.

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