Photo Mechanic software

Hi Folks, has anybody got experience with photo mechanic to help sort through large numbers of photos, duplicates etc, the cost of this software is quite high is it worth it ??? thanks

I’ve used older versions. It is a media browser (not an editor, not a DAM like Lightroom that manages images) that really is ideal for professional wedding, event, press and sports photographers who need to ingest photos off cards and quickly blaze through hundreds (if not thousands) of images at a time, selecting keepers, keywording for publication with IPTC metadata, and uploading.

If you need it you know you need it. If you’re not a pro you probably don’t need this specific app. Its keywording works in concert with Lightroom, and does keywording better than Lightroom, so some advanced amateurs use the two apps together (although it’s really more a pro-focused product). If you shoot a lot, if you believe as you should) i nthe power of custom naming your files, adding your contact metadata, AND keywording, it is indespensible. It will save you hours every week, especially if you use it as a front end to Lightroom or other cataloging and database driven software.

Otherwise, for most people it’s overkill.

Note: dev Camerabits periodically offers 15%-off coupons, and the app is sometimes included in $99 photo bundles that also include photography ebooks and videos, like this expired deal.


It`s my main tool to import, sort, preview, keyword, rename and cull/rate photos. Lightroom is too slow.

As mentioned above, you know if you need it. It doesn’t sound like you need it. It’s typically used by professionals at sporting events, weddings, concerts, etc. At a sporting event, the entire room will be using it.

Good Advice bowline, thank you

Thank you Lars, It does seem useful

Thanks SteamRoller cheer’s

And because today’s Apple announcements were not interesting at all for me, I was looking at other stuff and saw that PHOTO MECHANIC 6 is out! 64 bit, reverse geoencoding,…

I’ll update tomorrow!

Thanks Lars, just installed it also, looks great

When I shot photos for my college paper it made life a lot easier. I renamed according to my naming convention and culled photos easily.