Photo organization software/workflow?

Hi everyone,

since Aperture went the way of the Dodo, I am desperately looking for a photo management solution which has the following features:

  • detect faces to help cataloging/sorting
  • supports tags/keywords which are compatible with the Finder’s tags
  • various sorting/grouping/search features like ratings etc.
  • does NOT depend on uploading photos to a company server
  • able to index and manage files in their respective directory (no central library)
  • allows upload/sync with my own WebDAV server

Price/Subscriptions are not really an issue, I’d pay good money for such a solution.

List of apps I already tested and failed:

  • PhotoDirector 11 Ultra (crashes, not usable)
  • ACDSee 6 for Mac (no face detection at all, no tags)
  • GraphicConverter 11 (not able to sort or search for tags)
  • Apple Photos (no tags for the Finder/central library only)

I will keep updating this list and update you on my quest… any feedback is welcome!

Adobe Lightroom Classic seems to fit the bill

Is that the non-CC version? Is that still available to purchase somewhere?

Adobe LightRoom Classic fits everything except perhaps the face cataloging. It may do that but I don’t know.

It is a subscription but IMO worth it.

Yes, Adobe Classic and yes avail as part of the Photography Subscription and also stand-alone. Check out the LightRoom Queen’s forums for details on where and how to get ti. Her info is far better than Adobe’s web site.

Have a look at Photo Supreme. It’s working well for me

It’s subscription, part of the Lightroom/Photoshop $9.99/month plan. Adobe does not do sales any more of this app, it’s subscription only.

I’ve been using it, purchased and then subscription, for years. :white_check_mark:

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[quote=“OogieM, post:4, topic:15282, full:true”]… perhaps the face cataloging…
It has that feature.

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Also look at CaptureOne - it may not meet your needs now, but it’s rapidly developing and may do so relatively soon.

It’s more focused on “developing” raw files, but has, and seems to be rapidly developing, organization features to rival Lighroom, (like tagging, and having a catalogue). There’s no facial recognition, though. It also has both subscription & 1-time purchase options available.

I’ve used C1 and its only advantage is superior tethering support and live tweaks while tethering. It’s also a better organized app in my opinion; Lightroom basically grafted its Camera Raw app into Lightroom with some tweaks, and it’s a little clunky (certainly much clunkier today than Apple’s Aperture was a decade ago!).

But the Lightroom/Photoshop combo is much more powerful plus C1 doesn’t accept plugins (eg the Nik Collection, Imagenomic Portraiture, Topaz plugin, etc - I rely constantly on Nik’s Silver Efex Pro for unparalleled b&w adjustments). And C1 doesn’t work as easily with iOS - with the Adobe subscription you can log in and automatically unlock all editing features in Lightroom Mobile (which has separate apps for iPhone/AppleTV and iPad).

The standard Lightroom Classic + Photoshop subscription (with 20Gb online storage and photo gallery) is $120/yr, or you can get it with Lightroom only but 1Tb storage for the same price (or Lightroom/Photoshop + 1Tb storage for double the price).

Also, the price of C1 - purchased/upgraded or subscription - offers no savings over Adobe but still lacks full access to Photoshop and online storage/sharing/gallery.

And if you stop cancel the Adobe subscription you can still view and export all your images, but they disable the Develop module.

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Good to know. I’ve just gotten into it a bit because I recently got a Fuji camera, and I’m not super-impressed by Lightroom’s treatment of Fuji raw files. It sounds like you’ve got a better idea of the differences between the two, though.

Adobe’s gotten much better with Fuji files. I used it for a couple of years with a Fujifilm x100s and my edits of those old files are significantly better than in 2016(?). Lots of wags on forums saying Adobe’s renditions are poor, but they’re not. Optimal RAW processing of Fuji RAF files today might be Iridient Developer, but that offers none of the other features the OP wants.

I currently also have some micro 4/3 gear, and squeezing the best iq out of those files would probably be with DxO PhotoLab, but I just can’t be bothered to do all the extra editing and roundtripping. Lightroom is very good, and it’s constantly improving and its overall feature set, support, plugin support, and cross-platform ecosystem makes it overall the best step up from Apple Photos for most people.

I use several products:

  • Lightroom is my catalog and I use it to process most photos
  • Photo Mechanic does a better job at keywording and it’s way faster for the first sorting/culling
  • DxO PhotoLab sometimes gets better results
  • Photoshop if more extensive edits/corrections are needed

So, not one, buy several pieces of software in my photo workflow

And that’s where I get stuck. I won’t use it enough to justify $10/month. I guess I misunderstood the “Classic” moniker, I thought that was the non-subscription version. My search for a replacement for Aperture continues.

Have you looked at Mylio?

It’s a subscription if I want to do any RAW edition, and I shoot RAW with my “big” camera.

I didn’t end up using it but Mylio had great Aperture importing and iOS apps. That was in 2017 & I only assume it’s improved since.

OP said subscriptions aren’t an issue.

Good luck finding an app that meets your needs. For the OP, and other people stepping up from Mac/iOS Photos, Lightroom is a great cross-platform solution for editing and image management.

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Could someone remind me the difference between Lightroom Classic and the new Lightroom? I subscribe, but I’ve been using Classic. I need to switch to something before updating to Catalina. Will Catalina still work with Classic? Whatever I have installed now is giving me a warning. I’ve looked on the Adobe site, but I got confused and frustrated lol