Photo sharing with captions/text

I suppose this isn’t entirely Mac-specific, but in any case, is there a way to incorporate text captions with shared iCloud photo albums? I just came back from a trip and I’d like to share some photos with friends and family that contain textual information/descriptions. When I loaded the web view of the shared iCloud Photos album, the presentation of photos looked really good, but I don’t see any accompanying text. If I can’t do this with iCloud Photos—share photos with text descriptions on the web—does anyone have a suggested alternative for someone who doesn’t use social media and just wants to share an album privately? (I quickly tried Amazon and Google Photos as well, but they also seemed to not include text.) Thanks.

My understanding is that none of the metadata is included when you share images via Shared Albums in the Photos app. That said, I believe there was something mentioned during WWDC about new method of sharing that might change that with the next OS updates.

It could be limited to just your family members, or it could be by invitation. Not sure.

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