Photo Software for Cleaning Out Duplicates, Triplicates

I am wondering if you know of any software that will find duplicate photos for you but will NOT throw them into the trash unless you want to do so. Preferably for the Mac but ok for the iPad .
I had one popular one that threw out loads of photos I did not want thrown away. In other words, I am compulsive enough to sometimes hang on to extra photos.

BestPhotos on the ipad does this.

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Thanks! You know, I tried that one and found that it was throwing out what I didn’t want thrown out. Lots of files in the garbage although at least I could find them there.

I shall try it again, though, as you are recommending it.

I’ve had good luck with PowerPhotos (and I also used its predecessor iPhoto Library Manager)

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Gemini 2 by MacPaw is a Mac app that detects duplicates in Photos (in addition to file duplicates). It’s available as a stand-alone purchase and included with Setapp. I haven’t used it extensively so can’t comment on how well it works. However, MacPaw produces quality software in my experience.


I’ve been impressed with PhotoSweeper - it provides full control over what gets deleted. You can review every choice and override it. Intelligent comparison options as well.


I do have Setapp. Thanks!

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just bought it. thanks!

I was wondering. I do back up, especially my photos. I wind up having an exact match of photos on the external drive? Or would I be able to find a deleted file from my Mac on the external drive?

My guesstimate is the former.

If I understand your question, I would say “that depends”. If you are making a true backup, and not a sync, then yes you should be able to find a deleted file on the external drive. The question is, “Are you really backing up?”

iCloud only syncs your photos. Time Machine, Arqbackup, Backblaze, etc. backs them up.

If you accidentally deleted a photo you would be able to recover it from iCloud for up to 30 days. After 30 days the photo would be lost forever. With Time Machine, you should be able to recover your accidentally deleted photo as long as your external drive has never become full. (When a TM drive becomes full the oldest backups are deleted.).

With cloud backups like Arqbackup and Backblaze how long you can recover a file can vary. By default Arqbackup keeps everything forever, so as you add new files and/or modify existing files, the amount of data you are storing in the cloud continues to grow. (And if you are paying by how much you upload, you monthly bill also continues to grow).

Backblaze works the same except your oldest backups are deleted after one year unless you play extra to retain them longer.

If this didn’t answer your question, be sure to say so. Backups are important.

Hi, Wayne! Thank you.

I have everything backed up with Carbon Copy Cloner. I am going to get another external hard drive for Time Machine.’

I also have a idisk which backs up all my photos. I cannot figure out how to get files on it but it isn’t important.

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Joel Feld in his YouTube channel recently featured a thorough review of macOS duplicate photo removal apps. Link:

I was impressed with the top recommendation, PhotoSweeper. Link:

FYI, that YouTube channel also contains many instructional videos related to the Photos app, iCloud Photos, iMovie,and Final Cut Pro X. Link:


Thanks, Arthur! I actually did buy Photo Sweeper yesterday but I have yet to really use it. I will check out your information. I appreciate your insight.

I’m pretty good at photography (except when it comes to Affinity. Oy vey!). I bought MacSparky’s Guide which is tremendous.

I am not so good at the how-to’s on YouTube. I am more inclined to look for written help or go here. But I will definitely check them out.

Terrific video, Arthur!