Photolemur sale - $19 for a very limited time

Do any of you use Photolemur on the Mac? Is it any good?
This software is normally $35 but is on sale for only $19.

If you have setapp, there is the Luminar Flex that works with Photos it is more versatile than PhotoLemur which is a one trick pony, and not even good at it. If you want mostly automated picture enhancement, Perfectly clear is the best in my opinion on the Mac. They also have an app on iOS called Lucid by Perfectly Clear. They are now part of Eyeq. I use Perfectly Clear Complete in my day job (photo retoucher) and for snapshots or “client” photo which were not taken in the best way possible, it helps a LOT, fast. Could you do the same in Photoshop, yes, would it take you a lot more time, yes. I think they have a trial and they do have a some promo from time to time also. Anyway, wayyy better than photolemur, I have it and NEVER use it. Just my 2 cents, maybe other people will have different experience with it.


I don’t want ‘automated photo enhancement’ to be honest. I enjoy ruthlessly culling photos and then doing modest tweaks if necessary on whatever remains. For average users who don’t want to learn to enhance their photos the idea might be compelling that an AI-based one-click post-production app could save their pics with color recovery, sky enhancement, exposure compensation, natural light correction, foliage enhancement, noise reduction, facial retouching, horizon straightening, smart dehaze, tint perfect, RAW processing and JPEG corrections. But it’s not for me.

Do you know when the deal expires?

Did you click on the link?

Yup, and it’s still available now, but I couldn’t see any indication of when the deal will stop. Do you know?

Photolemur Is also on Setapp, if you happen to be a subscriber.