Photopia Creator app for slideshows

Has anyone used the Photopia Creator app (link: )to make slideshows from photos and video clips on the Mac?

A photographer friend has successfully used this app to make many slideshows on a Windows PC. The support forum indicates that the software has been available for the Mac for at least 3 years. After downloading and installing the app (macOS 3-week trial version), I attempted to create a slideshow on my Mac Studio (M1 Max, 64 GB RAM and 4TB SSD) without success. 80 photos/video clips and an audio clip imported successfully, but the app hangs up (displaying rotating “beachballs”) when attempting to “build” the slideshow. Is it possible that I might need something like Rosetta 2 for this app to run?

If other Mac users have had success with this app I will wait for the developer’s response to my inquiry and continue the attempt to use the app. If not, I will try to use another app such as Fotomagico Pro or even learn to use Final Cut Pro. I used Fotomagico Pro successfully a couple of years ago when it was available on Setup. It is no longer available on Setapp, so a subscription would be required (similar cost to Photopia Creator).

I tested it just now and was able to export (clicking the Build button) a four minute slideshow at 4k on an M1 Max. The app did beachball for a few seconds when clicking through most of the steps. The export uses software encoding and kept all the performance cores maxed for about ten minutes, but didn’t lock up the system. It’s a rough port to macOS but it’s functional.

As for needing Rosetta 2, if the app is running at all for you, then Rosetta has already transpiled it, so that wouldn’t be the issue.

Hope you can get it successuflly building.

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@cornchip - Thanks, that is helpful. I will give it another go with fewer photos and only one audio file for testing.

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