Photos - How to organize Photo time lapse

I have a GoPro and a song action cam. I’ve done several time lapses. I have a 12 hour + span of every 10 seconds of sunsets. What should I do with these huge lapses? I feel like Photos is the last place I should be housing these. I don’t want to break the database. I’m up to 37000 photos currently.

After you’ve created the video you can throw away the photos… maybe just save some of them that you think are beautiful…

Or you mean before creating the video?

Yeah i have the source photo files clogging up my Photos library. i’ve never actually made them into a clip. when i say source files i’m saying a few thousand JPG’s.

then you should do the clips, I guess :smiley:

If you don’t want to clog Photos you can store them in a folder.