Photos workflow - Caption vs Title

Now that the Captions field is open on iOS devices, should that be the default field for adding a description of the photo? On the Mac, what I traditionally would do is use the Title field to add a short description and then use the Description (now Caption) field to add extra color if the title isn’t enough. But since the title is still not open on iOS, I’m thinking about giving up on the title and just using Caption.

The nice thing about the title field is that on Mac Photos the title shows inline below the photo. The Caption field you only see if you choose Get Info. Argh Apple, why do you make this so confusing?

I consider a title as a short phrase and a caption as a summary description.


Title: Buster Trustingly Asleep
Description: Buster sleeping in his bed, with his belly up, showing his absolute trust that we are keeping him safe.


Exactly what I’ve been doing. But since the title isn’t available to edit on an iOS device. What would you do? Add the Caption on iOS and add the title when you get back to your Mac?

OK, I believe I’ve come up with a good workflow now. Since the title isn’t visible at all on iOS, just the caption. So I will follow this workflow:

  1. If the photo only needs a title, copy the title into the caption field so it is visible on iOS, not just the Mac.
  2. If the photo needs more detail in the caption, copy the title and add a hyphen, then the rest of the caption, e.g. Beautiful Sunset - Sunset on the lake during our hike the day after Thanksgiving.
  3. When adding a Caption on iOS, append ADDTITLE to the end. When back on Mac, search for this text and add the title.

It is sad that iOS and macOS force different workflows.

OR, put a title directly at the front of the caption as you do in Step 2, and search for the hyphen on macOS? When a hyphen is too limiting or expansive in the search, mark the break with an “arrow”:

Beautiful Sunset -> Sunset on …


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That’s a good idea! Thanks