Photoshoot with Sparky's New Smart Battery Case

Well that sure arrived fast. Here are some pictures of the new Apple iPhone Battery case.


Wireless charging?

And it’s a shame that the cell isn’t all the way up, looks a little like the hunchback case! The battery is at least full width within the case!

But I can imagine it’s amazing when travelling, airports, etc and not having to worry about battery packs with umbilical cords or wall outlets! The satisfaction of arriving with enough charge for the rest of the day!

I ordered mine yesterday too and I should get it on Friday.

That’s what got me in. I’m doing quite a bit of traveling this year so I thought it’d be nice for those days.

I’m tempted. I have a battery case I hardly ever use now. OTOH, I am constantly plugging in and unplugging my iPhone when I’m out and about, so for $129 it might be worth it. Particularly since if I buy it I will have TWO battery cases and will be invincible.

I have two battery cases now (long story) and I refer to them as my day and night battery cases. And I would never go back to having only one. I did order an Apple one since it will replace one of the ones I have now. The battery case I’m replacing is one that was a second replacement because it had started acting up less than a month after I started using it. This happened twice.

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Realizing that all the specs are “up to x hours”, how has battery life been on the new X phones?
I would assume not so good, if battery cases are coming into play.

I have a Xr. The battery has been great and I have never needed to charge it in the middle of the day. I’m usually on it for 2-3 hours between answering email, texts, managing tasks, Twitter, etc… and I’m always over 50% remaining at night.

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The battery life on my XS has been great. A substantial upgrade from my iPhone 7.

I have heard podcasters state they have gotten over a day and a half on their Max. I have never done that. I use my phone all the time and without the battery cases I have used, I wouldn’t have gotten through the day.

With Apple bringing out battery cases, I don’t think there is a battery issue. It’s just another way to help out customers. There will always be people who want more battery power.

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I used my iPhone Max battery case for the first time today. It kept my phone at 100 percent for 6 to 7 hours before it was completely drained. Six and a half hours later my phone is at 50 percent. My screen time is 8 hours and 6 minutes.