Photoshop alternative? Recommendations?

I am currently using a really old version of Photoshop, and am looking for an alternative to do basic photo editing that does not involve a subscription plan. Frankly, I am trying to move away from Adobe in general.

Pixelmator. Totally replaced Photoshop for me

Acorn, Pixelmator, or Affinity Photo.

I use Affinity Photo, definitely a complete replacement for Photoshop. It has all the features and a similar UI (which I’ve found to be more intuitive than Photoshop).

I also use Affinity Designer to replace Illustrator (I use it for doing user interface mockups).

The MacOS and iPad apps are extremely polished.

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Affinity Photo and Designer for gets the vote from me. I used to use Adobe but found paying £49.99 month crazy as i didn’t use all the apps.

I am very pleased with the offering from Affinity and they also have Publisher coming out soon :slight_smile:

I use Affinity Photo. To use it right, i did a course at udemy. But there are enough free tutorials and you can get a free version to try out for several days.

Maybe you like DxO OpticsPro 11 - from time to time they give it away for free. For me more then enough functions - use it only to correct the perspective.

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements - mostly because I’ve been using it for years and I find it easy to navigate. I don’t mind dropping $100 for an upgrade version every few years and it integrates well with Lightroom and Photos.

Affinity Foto if you need a lot of power (at the price of a steep learning curve) and Pixelmator if you want an easy and capable app. Both word very well on Mac and iPad (whre the Apple Pencil is very useful).