Photostream not available as screensaver in Apple TV

For the past several months, I have been unable to get Apple TV to show my PhotoStream as a screen saver. I have Googled it and tried several different websites to find an answer, too, without any success. Does anyone know how to do it, or has Apple made this option not available? I have a 4th generation, tvOS 12.1.

Does this advice from Apple help? (Scroll down a bit for the ATV4 option.) The instructions are a bit incomplete. When you go to Settings > iCloud, “iCloud Photos” is “on” then you need to turn it “off” before you see the option to turn “My Photo Stream” on, You cannot have iCloud Photos and My Photo Stream active at the same time.

Go figure.

Afterward, if you go to screensaver settings on the ATV then My Photo Stream will be available under My Photos.

Thank you @quorm
I had tried that before but it still doesn’t work. When I go to My Photos (after following all the steps you mentioned), it only gives me options of Activity and all my shared albums. Photostream is not an option. Is PhotoStream listed there for you?

Sure. Just checked again.

Dang. Then I have no idea what’s happening. I’ll do a hard reset. Thanks.