Physically securing an iMac to the desk

I just bought a standing desk where my 27" iMac now lives, and because I live in Northern California and earthquakes are a real thing. To that end, I’d like to find a way to not only raise the height of the iMac 6~7 inches above the desk (like a monitor stand), but to also secure it, so that it can’t fall out the window which is directly behind it in the event of a quake.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

A picture of your setup would help. Off the top of my head, these clamps (available in different lengths) should let you clamp the iMac’s foot down to the desk (possibly with a riser).

Sorry I can’t help myself :wink:

COMOWARE Countersink Drill Bits Set- 7Pcs Counter Sink Bit for Wood High Speed Steel, Woodworking Carpentry Reamer With 1 Free Hex Key Wrench

And a nice looking nut and bolt :hugs:

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Along the line of “securing”: I miss laptops having holes for Kensington locks.


Not exactly what you want, but using a vesa stand would both hold it higher (why I bought mine) and secure it to the desk somewhat. The stands are pretty cheap, but not sure about the cost of the adapter (or if it even works with newer iMacs).

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You must custom order the iMac with a vesa Mount.

Just a thought, but what about industrial strength Velcro to attach the base to the desk?

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Yes. It seems churlish that they’ve been omitted. I work in design and love design but I’m constantly irked by these decisions that are a step back for the the end user, justified for “design” reasons.

Its the compromise they have to make for a sleek clean design. The % of iMac’s mounted with a vesa mount to an arm or wall is very small.

There are arms out here that hold the iMac “foot” witch is kind of handy because it forms a “tray”.


Yes. I mis-replied; I meant to be addressing Lars’ lamenting on the lack of slots on laptops.

The iMac situation is a bit different, I suppose, though on the topic of monitor arms it would be nice if the iMac Pro VESA mount solution could just be implemented across the whole line.

@MacExpert, I love the idea of this arm, but damn, it’s expensive! Thanks for the suggestion!

Are you ok with drilling holes in your desktop? If so, maybe something like this?

Naw, I don’t like the idea of drilling holes in the desk, if possible. But the clamps themselves may work, as it looks like the bars can rotate.

I use an iMac in my motorhome. To keep it in place while driving I have an aluminum bar across the base and bolted into the desk. Keeps it solidly in place. I used furniture inset nuts screwed into the desktop and thumbscrews that go into those.

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I actually thought about doing something like this too, but really don’t want to have to drill any holes into the desk, if possible.

Can you post a photo of your desk with the iMac on it?

Industrial Strength Velcro