Picture inbox App to replace camera roll?

As a GTD practitioner I sometimes take pictures/screenshots to capture stuff, when I don’t have the time to type anything that I want to land in an inbox. Currently these (temporary) images end up on my camera roll.

Is there some App that I could use instead?

What I would like:

  • sync between iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro
  • store the images in the App, but not in the camera roll
  • navigate through (only) these images
  • delete images

Could you do this in Reminders? You can add an image to individual reminders.

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The photos app on macOS, iOS and iPadOS by default has an album labeled “Screenshots” where it automatically places these images. Could you just use that album for your purposes?

Edit: clicked the wrong reply button and replied to geoffaire by accident.

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an album labeled “Screenshots”

It’s not always screenshots.

Sometimes I take pictures (for example of a road sign with start and end dates of construction work).

I would like to have 1 inbox and I don’t think those albums sync?

(I want to capture on iPhone and iPad, but usually organize on iPad or MacBook)

You can do this with a two step shortcut -

  • Take 1 photo with Back camera
  • Save photo to (whatever synced folder you want)

And use Files/Finder for the culling and sorting.

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Gotcha, I missed that it was pictures and not just screenshots.

Other than the suggestions already mentioned (saving pics to reminders or a specific folder in finder for example) I’m not sure of any better way of doing what you need.

You can go into Apple Notes and take pictures that are saved in the note but not copied to the Photos library.