Pictures disappear from Photos after sending with iMessage

I’ve noticed that several of my photos have disappeared from Photos, after sending to my friends using iMessage,

Have any of you also noticed this?

No, not here. I probably send 10-20 pics/week from iOS.

Do you have enough free storage on your device? Do you have iCloud Photo Library activated, and if so, have you looked for them in iCloud?

Could you have accidentally hidden them?

EDIT: Also, check the Recently Deleted Folder to recover photos.


I have a 256 GB phone, plenty of room.
I don’t have enough space on iCloud to backup my phone.

I’ve never knew about the hide option, will check just In case it got bumped.

This isn’t the first time, I’ve noticed this over a year ago. Many pictures have disappeared.

Where is that screenshot from? I’m not referring to a whole album disappearing, just individual pictures.
How did you get that screen visible?